When you awoke this morning, did you  expect to be homeless, jobless, Followers of the Wayill or seriously injured by the end of the day? Neither did the hundreds of men, women and children that God leads to Community of  Christ Caring Ministries each year. But because of tragic life circumstances, many in our community need a helping hand. Community of  Christ Caring Ministries, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency that meets the needs of disadvantaged individuals and families in the Pottawattamie  County area. The Corporation is managed by a fifteen-member Board of  Directors, who are sustained by a vote at the Prairie Bluffs Mission  Center Conference of the Community of Christ. Over 1500 community  members use the services of the Community of Christ Caring Ministries every year.

Mission Statement:
Community of Christ Caring Ministries serves individuals and families in need by providing food, clothing and household items.

Community of Christ Thrift Store and Food Pantry
17 N 2nd St
Council Bluffs, IA 51503